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Gluten free vegan home baked Ginger cake...

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Hi everyone,

My neighbour popped around this afternoon with this chunk of gluten free iced ginger cake and there was enough for 3 slices so I’ve one left for later, it made the afternoon very pleasant.

I’m getting the recipe for this and the vanilla and jam muffins, this cake is scrumptious it’s soft and tastes really nice.

It’s also especially nice being in a pandemic. 🌈 😊

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Looks very tasty, it can be tricky stopping GF cakes from tasting dry so your neighbour must be a good baker! :)

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JerryGuest in reply to Greendream123

Thank you Greendream123 my neighbour is indeed a very good gluten free vegan baker as she also bakes all their own bread. 👍😊

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Ooh Jerry, that looks, sticky and moist, just how I like ginger cake. Isn't it great to have neighbours where you can share your home baking and chat and eat over a cuppa - perfect.

I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe.

Hope you're having a great evening.

Alicia 👍😊😋😋

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JerryGuest in reply to crazyfitness

Thank you Alicia the cake is delicious and you’re so right as we both like baking so sharing our home baked goodies is fun for both of us. I hope that you enjoy your day now. 🌈🏃‍♀️😊

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crazyfitnessAdministrator in reply to Jerry

It certainly looked it Jerry, you have competition.😉😉

It's great when you and your neighbours enjoy cooking, good to share a talent.

Hubby and me did the housework this morning then I went off on my powerwalk travels. It's been bright most of the day but a very cold wind.🌞🌈👍😊

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JerryGuest in reply to crazyfitness

Hey I laughed Alicia because when her partner is there and we start talking food and recipes he sighs and sits somewhere else.

And you’re like a human whirl wind most people would be exhausted after doing the housework! So enjoy your half marathon across Dartmoor. 🌈🏃‍♀️👍😊

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crazyfitnessAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Ha ha, I love it, he's not into baking then🤣🤣, just like my hubby, he'd also disappear.

Well it's share and share alike, hubby does his bit and I do mine, he doesn't like cleaning the bathroom where i don't mind it.

I'll be cycling to Dartmoor soon, I'm getting a new saddle today, let's just say the original one that came with the bike was uncomfortable,I tried two padded covers but they didn't work.

An excellent powerwalk today, post to follow.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Alicia 👍🌞🌈😊

This looks lovely. I have tried to make GF cakes and they end up like cardboard. Your neighbour must be really skilled. I'm looking forward to giving the recipe a try though. I love ginger cake and icing.

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JerryGuest in reply to Mitzy200

Thanks Mitzy200 it was lovely and soft and I will get the recipe, have you tried egg replacer, it’s plant cellulose and is used a lot in vegan cakes, my friend added a little extra xanthan gum, which’s really useful for gf baking,

Here’s a link about egg replacer:

I won’t forget the recipes. 🌈😊

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Mitzy200 in reply to Jerry

Thanks the promise of the recipe, I'm looking forward to it.

I have tried an egg substitute from Marks and I use flax eggs or aqua faba. Thanks for the link to your egg sub recommendation and for the other suggestions, certainly worth a try. I'd be very happy to make cakes as good as your neighbour 🙂

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Oh Jerry, this looks absolutely fabulous. Perfect

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JerryGuest in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hey you’d love it Debs! 😀

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Your not wrong Jerry, that looks amazing

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