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Gluten free vegan apple and ginger cake.

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Hi everyone,

My neighbour invited me around for tea and cake it’s the same recipe ginger cake but with diced apple. It was delicious and would be divine warm for a pudding and I like a nice pudding. 😊

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Oh Jerry, that looks wonderful. You have such wonderful neighbours. Thank you for sharing, its very inspirational and proves us vegans do not have bland, boring diets

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JerryGuest in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hey you and me and my neighbour would get on so well as we'd have our own local pudding club. Jess is a very skilled baker. 😁

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Now your talking 😁

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That looks absolutely delicious Jerry. Bet you enjoyed your tea and cake.


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JerryGuest in reply to Hidden

That I did Alicia and we both like the invites to each others homes for some reason...😁😁

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Hidden in reply to Jerry

Oh there's always an excuse for a cuppa, chat and piece of cake, or two.😉🥮

Ooh, that looks yummy

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