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A pub just along the road from us has added 3 vegan options a burger with salad, coleslaw, onion rings and chips which I had a few weeks ago and it was very nice, a bean chilli and Nachos. I used to love Nachos so gave it a try today. It was delicious. I really enjoyed it. They were corn tortilla chips and a slightly coconut sour cream. Well th guacamole etc I think they did a good job, they tasted great and it was a decent portion size πŸ˜€ so a winner all round.

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Vegan nachos, awesome! (and coconut sour cream wow)

I used to love nachos too, can't wait to find somewhere near me that does them - the vegan wave sweeps on :)

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Yes it’s great isn’t it and very exciting how things are moving more towards veganism. It’s great for us Vegans and a huge leap forward for the animal kingdom. πŸŽπŸ·πŸ“πŸ‘πŸ–πŸ„


They look delicous Ali, its so fantastic that all these Vegan options are available now, things are really taking of for our precious Animals

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They were really nice. Also there were four of us altogether, 2 vegan & 2 meat eaters and out of the four we ordered three vegan meals and I think that will give them the message that veganism is here to stay!

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Thank you. It was. Also I was with my parents and it let them see that you can just order a vegan meal off the menu without a fuss now. As I find it’s typically when you are with other people something goes wrong and it looks like you are the difficult one.

This looks just so good Ali. 😊

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