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Gluten free vegan chocolate chip shortbread biscuits

Hi everyone,

Here’s another variation of some gluten free chocolate chip cookies that I’m experimenting with. Fortunately during the lockdown I made friends with a neighbour whose vegan, gluten intolerant and loves baking so we get on really well and my friend is very obligingly taste testing these this afternoon with me which seems right as she gave the Moo free white chocolate chips.

They have 3 rescue dogs and one can be feisty but he’s adopted me which’s really nice as they can happily leave him with me knowing he’s enjoying himself. He wags his tail and I give him treats. 😁

I used this recipe but with about 50ml of Vegan cream to make them Richer and softer but you could use any plant based cream or milk.

Enjoy the rest of your day folks I’m going to get ready for my visitor.

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Instead of the butter you mean? The recipe doesn’t ask for vegan cream or milk just pure sunflower butter?

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Hi Catatvet05 I added the cream to the mix to make it softer as that stops the fat making them too crunchy and to make a lighter mix, so here's the recipe I used:

300g white gluten free plain flour 200g Pure sunflower vegan spread 100g Demerara sugar and around 75g Moo free baking drops, + 50ml vegan cream spread in a pyrex dish and tray baked for 20/25 mins until cooked through.

My friend really liked them and took some with her as they're off on holiday tomorrow. 😎

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Thats really sweet Jerry, lucky little rescue dogs. Your shortbread sounds wonderful and looks great 😁

Awe thanks Debs my friends are touched by the affection their dogs show me.

The biscuits went down a treat and I gave the majority to her as they are off camping today. I guess I'll have to bake some mire cookies now...😁

They sound delicious Jerry.

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Thank you my neighbour was really pleased and took most of them as they’re off camping and look at the weather. 🌞

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Ghounds in reply to

Great camping weather!

I was just able to see the photo you added so maybe the problem is fixed now? Many thanks to the tech team 😃

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Hi thanks yes the tech team did the trick 😊

Seriously tempting looking!😊

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