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New Vasculitis Informal Support Group planned for Slough/Reading/Southampton/Portsmouth/Guildford area

Please leave a comment below or send a private message if you would be interested in joining this new Vasculitis Support Group.

It is the intention that this group should appeal to younger people with Vasculitis as well as older people with Vasculitis.

The initiative for this has come from two younger people who have Vasculitis, who are very keen to bring together all people with Vasculitis, in this area, in an informal setting.

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Hi John

I'd really be interested I float between Leatherhead and Reading... Let me know if I can do anything.




Undergoing diagnosis at the moment but would be interested in this, in Slough. Anything to help understand this. Thank you.


We are hoping to get a group together after the AGM in May Shivanjali.. but if you want a chat at anytime just ring the helpline number on the Vasculitis UK website. Also you can ask any questions in this community and everyone is very willing to help.


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