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Vasculitis and physical exercise



I was diagnosed with Vasculitis (Wegener's granulomatosis) before 30 days. I was reading that some medications that I take can make me gain weight. Is it safe to exercise if you have Vasculitis? I'm currently taking 50 mg of Prednisone and 150 mg of Endoxan.

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LynneJVasculitis UK

Weight gain is common with Pred. I would think as long as you are able it would be good to exercise and keep as fit as you can.

I don't have WG. I have MPA so maybe someone with WG will tell you if there is something you should watch out for.

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Thank you very much for you answer.

I've had WG for 8 years now and live a very active life with no issues. I would like to think that as long as you're feeling we'll enough to, exercise is a great thing. My biggest issue with Pred was actually the increase in appetite! I felt like eating ALL THE TIME!

Try to give in to those gratings wih healthy snacks instead.

I started back at the gym as soon as I felt healthy enough again...building up very slowly as to not "shock" your body into anything after being ill for so long

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I still don't see any changes in my appetite. Thanks for your answer.

When i was first diagnosed It was on 60 gms of prednisone and IV Cyclophosphamide fortnightly when I asked by consultant if I could exercise he said do as much as you are able. Which I took to mean not to be silly and plan to walk the Coast to Coast. I walked for minimum of 40 mins each ( except when it rained and a few days after my treatment when I normal stayed in bed or on the lounge). Sometime when I felt tired I did to 20 min walks. I addition to 30 minutes of light exercise from the Rosie book of chair exercise. I later started back at the gym. I was very careful when I was at the gym. I wiped all the exercise machines with and antiseptic wipe. Gyms are good places to pass on infection so be very careful while on Cyclophosphamide ( Exdon). I later started swimming again wearing flopflips to the pool area and in the changing room to ensure I did not pick up fugal infection. Did it stop me from putting on weight? I am afraid the answer is no. It needs to be combined with sensible eating of what we normal think of as healthy food. There is a short write-up on diet on

Good luck.

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I will also start taking long walks and then I will see about the gym. Thanks for your answer.


Slowly and surely... when you feel well enough after the initial treatments and medication.. build up slowly as Jann has suggested... there will be a period where you may put weight on because of the prednisolone... and feeling less active because of the Vasculitis... but if you build up slowly again... there is a young man lives near us...was diagnosed a year ago last Christmas.. he was very ill at the beginning...he was a keen cyclist...after about 3 months after diagnosis he began cycling again and tried to do as much as he did before WG and made himself ill... but he then started to cyle a little each day then a little more each week... now he can cycle almost as far as he did before nad has rejoined the cyling club....

all the best


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I think that I'm ready for some light exercises. Thanks for you answer.

Hi Altus, I've had WG for over 4 years now and like Annie-F I lead a very active lifestyle with no issues. When I was first diagnosed I was on 40mg of Pred daily, Cyclophosphamide every 3 weeks and began exercising as soon as my joints freed up. I started sensibly by using my cross trainer for 30-40 minutes a day (easy setting) and within a few months I was back on my bike and cycling a couple of hundred miles a week, albeit at a reduced speed. Everyone is different so listen to your body and don’t overdo it, eat sensibly and be positive :-)

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I'm very glad to hear that. When I was in hospital (before they figured out whats wrong with me) I thought that I will never be able to lead an active life. Thanks for you answer.

I sa diagnose about a year ago, it was hard to find and to track the progress because I'm anca -, but cardio pulmonary symptoms. I start doing some exercise and then chest pain. I'm trying anew tocilizumab treatment that has worked in USA and Japan.

Any thoughts?

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