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blood pressure meds & decogestants [cough medicine]

my friend's hubby has just been dxd with high blood pressure and put on meds.

they've both got flu and chesty coughs.

she went to her chemists yesterday. her friend works there but wasn't in.

she bought a well-known cough mixture, asked the girl on the till to say hello to the friend for her.

20 minutes later the phone rang.

the friend had arrived back at the chemist. the girl said "mrs b as just been in, you missed her, she only popped in for some decongestant & left, they're both ill."

the pharmacist heard the conversation & recognised the name.

he looked up their file and called them.

she hadn't even taken her coat off. "hello"

"Do Not give your husband any of that decongestant - he's on b.p. meds!"

how impressive was that! so on-the-ball.

I'm not sure why you don't, but I thought I'd pass it on.


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Excellent services.

Lots of over the counter remedies contain things which interact with our medication, particularly with BP meds. I once took Night Nurse and never ever again. I woke in the night to go to the loo. Next thing I was flat out on the floor, out cold, with a bump on my head and my doggy licking my face to try and bring me round. I had to crawl back to bed on my hands and knees and I stayed in bed all the next day.

There are also some prescription meds and over-the-counter meds which don't react well with booze, even a relatively small amount.

So, always read what it says on the label and always tell the pharmacist what meds you are taking.



We were recently on holiday in Malta and my husband had a continuing chesty cough (he has WG and high B.P.) and the chemist did ask about all the meds he was on before giving him a bottle of jollop. Good service but something to remember certainly.


It is always better to check, as eveyone has said, it does not do to mix some medicines...... that was excellent service too Sandra... also some medicines suit some people more than others... so it is also best to be careful even if the drugs are compatible.... x


I have asthma associated CSS. However, before I had CSS I have been advised that because I have asthma I shouldn't take strepsils to relieve a sore throat. Ibrufen is another over the counter drug I shouldn't take. What is annoying is that there is no indication on these items to say asthmatics should not take them. This applies to some foods. Would be interesting to know if there are any more on the shelf meds I shouldn't take.


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