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any one with wg got hypoxia?

I have had wg for 5and a half years drug maintained remission have been unwell for several months have had some breathlessness prior when over doing it. But have now been told I have Hypoxia? so am okay when sat resting but get badly out of breath when doing anything much at all also consultant said I had fybrositis? although nothing showing in chest x ray. Has anybody else been told this have had lung function ecg on heart and eco cardio gram consultan says may refer me to cardiology for further test what other heart test are likely?

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Hi Kath,

I presume you have had bloods done and you are confirmed NOT anaemic. Did the consultant say fibrositis (fibromyalgia) or fibrosis?



Hi John and Sue I have blood done every 6-8 weeks definetley did not say fybromyalgia not hundred percent sure now whether it was fibrositis or fibrosis did say that this hadnt shown in x ray but as my breathlessness on movment was not improving, this was what was wrong What is the difference between the two?


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