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Has anyone had any problems with nodules in the lung?

Purely by chance it was discovered that i have a nodule deep in my left lung, which is 'slow growing' It is too deep to safely take a biopsy from and for now my consultant and the resp unit are quite happy to monitor it. It is just over 1cm wide and has changed shape from a 'grape to cherry' and where as it was smooth, now appears to be rough! I dont have any symtoms from this at all.

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I have lung involvement but my problems are with the narrowing of the bronchus (due to granulated tissue) and some damage at the alviolal level. Those I know who do have nodules have seen them shrink and even disappear with treatment i.e. as the disease becomes quiet. Rituximab being the favourite weapon of choice as far as I'm concerned.

Healthy wishes.



Hi Martin

Many thanks for replying.

I have been on 100mg azathioprine and 4mg tacrolimus for about 7 years (pred at various times depending on flares). I was on Septrin too but i stopped that about 4 years ago. My consultant did talk about changing my medication when this nodule was found but nothing has been decided yet (i did refuse at first when he said it would be IV then agreed to think about it). My problem is, i dont feel ill most of the time other than tired and aching, i dont have anyone to compare things or ask advice from - its easy just to try and forget that i'm ill. If that makes any sense?




I had nodules in my right lung in the early stages of my disease but no evidence of them now, thanks to the Rituximab treatments. Like yourself i had no breathing problems or any other symptoms from them even though they were there and growing for 2 years!

Hope this helps



Hi Lisa

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I have had WG for many years now and fortunately, my problems seem to be quite limited im comparrison to some unfortunate folk. I'm hoping the nodule disappers without any invasive treatment needed.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.



Hi PATGW6IMS is my name i have Asbestosis & had 4 limph nodes two in the lung & two between the lung & the heart al were cacerus i was sent to ysbty glan clwd cancer department & then transfered to Broad Green Hospital in Liverpool they operated on me syraight away.The cancer is all gone but i do have breathing dificulties i can only walk 25 meters, then have to rest.i am on drugs for the breathing.That was five years ago hope that helps Pat.


Hi Pat

I'm sorry to hear how ill you have been, thankfully it sounds like you are on the road to recovery. Fortunately, i dont think my lung problems are as anywhere as near as severe as yours were and i hope my nodule will disappear with the correct medication.

Stay well.



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