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Inspirational stories

I'm always on the lookout for inspirational stories for the Newsletter/Journals and for the new website. Take a look at those we have already showcased:

If you think you have a story to tell which will be of interest, inspire and encourage others, then contact me and I'll give you full details.

PatriciaAnn - V-UK Newsletter Editor

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Maybe at some point it might be a good idea to publish an article from a carer, partener, famnily member or friend's experience of how Vasculitis has changed their life too.

Susan :-)


I'm open to any suggestions. If there's a carer, partner etc etc would like to contact me I can discuss the sort of thing I'd be looking for and the maximum number of words (space) which could be made available and the deadline.

I've had a few replies about possible inspirational stories. Please keep them coming but don't be disappointed if there isn't room in the Spring 2013 issue - there's always the Autumn one.



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