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Went over to UHCW for updated NVC and EMG tests. As I have a complaint in with this hospital already (and have already received one inadequate reply full of lies and cover ups) I was not surprised to find the Head of Neurophysiology doing my tests.

He had none of my clinical notes, only a referral letter from my neuro consultant. He looked at the computer and smiled telling me this is the 3rd time I'm having these tests. I smiled back and told him it was actually the 23rd set since 2009 (and I know he's done them at least 5 times during that period)..

He set about testing but started testing unaffected nerves in my limbs. This is very unconfortable, especially as he was starting out with voltages intended for conduction blocked nerves. I pointed this out but he carried on. Eventually he finished. I asked him about the affected nerves he had not tested. He smiled and said I am getting better. I told him I didn't think he understood me; he had not tested the right nerves. He again smiled, told me I was getting better and signalled to the door.

Arrogant idiot; I am fuming...90 mile round trip and £3 parking, total waste of half a day. I am really hopping mad at this incompetence. Why should i feel bad as the patient?

I am back to my Neuro next week who ordered my tests; he knows me clinically better than all the other consultants. I can't wait to see what he's going to make of my miraculous results when he sees them!

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This is terrible, Wellsie. I feel for you and wish you luck with your next appointment.


sorry to hear that i also have same problem with my hospital grrrr


An additional thought, Wellsie. Can you file a complaint with the BMC? This head honcho is obviously dangerously incompetent.


I am biding my time; I may be about to sue the hospital for clinical negligence; I have some considerable nerve damage from a previous bungled cannulation attempt documented here somewhere by me in the past; thus the letter of complaint to the CEO.

I don't want anybody to lose their licence or PIN; lord knows we have few enough trained medical staff in this country as it is...


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