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I speak International!

whilst pushing, or being trundled in, the wheelchair around London I didn't want to keep saying "excuse me please" so I decided to use something simple, easy to understand in any language - "beep beep"!

This worked wonderfully and almost everyone smiled and moved. One French lady smiled and said "beep, beep?" to which I replied in my best school french "Internationale oui?" she laughed and said "you are correct". So now we know, "beep beep"is International and I can speak it fluently! Feel free to use it.

chuckles, sandra.

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Love this post...... I was feeling so euphoric watching both the Olympics and Paralymics ubtil I went to the local supermarket. Things hadnt changed but my understanding had. I don't think people, in general, mean to be negative towards people that are different. I just think that they are in such a hurry they feel we hinder their speedy journey. Espcially us in wheelchairs....

Beep beep is definitely of an international language.....not sure how my local Tesco brigade would feel :-). I am definitely going to give it a go ....


It shows we might look different but we still have a sense of humour!


I also used "Q" a lot as ta and thanQ were too long!



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