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Keeping your consultant team

I have an excellent healthcare team based in UHCW in Coventry where i used to live. I am now living 40 miles away, with correspondence and appointments going to my old address, whihc I can still access. I've just started cyclophosphamide treatment and am really don't reluctant to change my healthcare team, given that getting transport to Coventry is not currently an issue.

My question is, am i actually entitled to continue to receive care from this trust, given that I am now in the "boundary" of another healthcare trust? For these reasons I have not moved my GP either, but feel a bit of a fake... Can anyone advise on the politics of NHS, boundaries and right to care?

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Hi Wellsie

There are quite a few vasculitis patients living in different parts of the country and they are seen at Addenbrooke's, Birmingham or even London and they don't live in those areas. I would suggest that if you are happy with your team and travelling isn't a problem then don't rock any boat. If I moved then I would move heaven and earth to stay with my team.

Under the Patient's Charter you can be seen at a hospital of your choice, and I'm sure that doesn't restrict you to one in your immediate vicinity, but I'll be advised on that.

Why not put the hypothetical question to your consultant and see what he/she says.



thank you; i am planning on doing just that when i see my rheumo and neuro next


John did not change his GP when we moved areas.. because his GP had only just come to terms with John's WG and John did not want to change GP's and have to explain everything again.. John is the only patient at the practice with Vasculitis. As patricia says it is your choice..if you are willing to travel.. John's consultant retires in September and he is dreading the change... but at least the hospital where is have other patients with vasculitis...


Hi Wellsie,

I live in Berkshire but see a specialist in Oxford, so getting help outside my "area" hasn't been a problem for me.


i think it is so long to stick with a team you trust once diagnosed.


Hi, I moved to devon from Oxfordshire and still travel back to see my consultant there who manages my condition on a 'shared care' basis with a rheumatologist in the local hospital down here. It works well for me and means I still get to be seen by someone with specialist knowledge of vasculitis. I also travel to Bristol for my eyes as there is a vasculitis specialist working out of the teaching hospital there!


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