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FATIGUE and ANCA Associated Vasculitis

Next year Dr Andrew McClean will hopefully be talking about his 2 year research project Fatigue with ANCA associated Vasculitis.. Andrew is still wanting volunteers both Healthy and with Vasculitis. But more healthy volunteers (family member, friend, work colleague) as he has to match like with like. If anyone is still wanting to volunteer to take part please get in touch with John as soon as possible. . Andrew will be moving into the next stage of his research very soon. He is hoping to complete the research project by the beginning of 2013 and will hopefully be the Vuk speaker at the Vasculitis AGM 2013 giving a full report presentation

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Unfortunatly I can't offer myself for your research, i'm on dialysis three times a week, but I would be most inerested in the results. headway, the 'Brain Injury' Charity, have done work on Fatigue Following Brain Injury; if you are interested I may be able to put you in touch. Let me know. In any event good luck, with the reaseach.



John cannot offer himself either ... as he is not well enough but he volunteered me as a healthy person which worries me a little ......but yes we would be interested in the research on fatigue following brain injury...



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