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Launch of Route Map for Vasculitis

Launch of Route Map for Vasculitis

The launch of the Route Map for Vasculitis took place at the Trust's AGM yesterday, 13th May. The Route Map is a 114 page "encyclopaedia" of all things relevant to patients with vasculitis and to their families. We call it our "Vascupedia".

Included in the RM are sections on 17 of the vasculitides, glossaries of drugs and side effects, of blood monitoring and of procedures. There's a section on living with vasculitis containing lots of information including fertility, caring for a family member, children and young people with vasculitis and government benefits. There's much much more.

There is a large section which we hope will be useful to medical professionals such as GPs, who may never have had a vasculitis patient before. It isn't a text book for them but some basic information and direction to research papers and organisations where they can find further information.

If you want to see what's in the RM then you can either go and have a look the Trust's website - - e-mail me for a PDF - - or you can purchase a hard copy for £8 + £2 p&p. These are available from Susan Mills. You will find her address on the Trust's website.



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