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Has anyone any experience of taking Campath? (Alemtuzumab)


We have received an email today asking about Campath. This lady is about to start a course of treatment and is obviously very concerned.

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Under Dr. Martin Lockwood at Addenbrooks hospital, I was given 3 separate courses of Campath & CD4 back in the nineties. My WG finally went into remission after the 3rd attempt. At the time I had the campath it was given intravenously over a 5 day period for about 8 hours a day. Then the CD4 was given again over a 5 day period for 1 hour a day. I believe the time period is different now & the CD4 as been replaced with a different drug.

There are side effects that can be experienced whilst taking the Campath & as always, each individual experience differently. I myself, whilst on the 3rd day of campath, had side effects. I looked like a lobster, had bad shaking & a very high temperature. The campath was suspended for a short period until the side effects abated, then restarted with no more problems I had no side effects with the CD4 at all. As I first mentioned, the campath did not work for me until I had the 3rd course & the courses were spread over an 18 month period. Once my WG went into remission, it lasted for 5 years. I was given the Campath because none of the normal drugs such as Cyclophosphamide helped me.

To me, the side effects were worth the short discomfort because of the final outcome.

Hope this helps to relieve some of your concerns.


Campath 1h is the new derivative of the old version originally developed at Addenbrookes (Cambridge Pathalogical). It's new name is Alemtuzumab. One of the vasculitis doctors there told me it used to be 'kill or cure' as the dosing was very difficult. Thankfully Kenneth you were clearly lucky!

Apparently the new drug has shown promising results in patients who proved difficult to get into remission (oh how I hate that description when it comes to vasculitis! sorry!!). It's much safer and is supposedly less toxic and with few side effects (like Rituximab).

I can't comment perosnally as I've never had it but I know Zoe Lovett has successfully been given it at Addenbrookes for her Bechets as far as I'm aware.


Thank you This lady is due to start the Campath this week. Susan

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