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Vasculitis has been Highlighted in the Daily Mail 12th April 2012 David was misdiagnosed with flu, pneumonia, meningitis and tuberculosis

David Tyzac thought he had common cold, eventually he was diagnosed with a lung-damaging disease and found himself battling with Wegeners Granulomatosis.

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Dear John,

Glad that 'they' finally found out what your problem was! At least you now have a good 'chance'.

Best wishes



My husband was diagnosed with Wegeners in March of 2011. He too was very ill before the disease was discovered. His has effected his kidney's. He was first hospitalized with a Gall Bladder attack so they thought, then they took his gall bladder out and a few days later he was taken back to the hospital with what they thought was blood clots in his lungs, phnemona, pericarditis and a suspicious spot on his right upper lobe of his right lung thinking it was cancer. Due to an over dose of a medication for infection he was given he broke out in huge ugly blisters all over his body. That is when they sent us to Vancouver to be treated and that is where they did the kidney biopsy and discovered the Wegeners. He has been on both the medications Dave Tyzak has been on for 7 months a short remmision and now back on the Cyclophosphamide as well as the sterioids. It has been a very bumpy, lonely and scarry road to say the least. It is great to have the Vasculitis Blogs happening where ever they are so that the knowledge can be gained and perhaps save more lives.

I do hope David is coping with the disease as we are told it does get better in time although some days it seem impossible to even think due to the sickness and pain.

Good luck to all with this disease we send our best wishes to each and everyone of you,

Bella Greene

British Columba Canada