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Anca vasculitis, bronchiectasis and copd

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Just curious if any other non-smokers with MPA who did not have lung involvement now have bronchiectasis and copd? I was diagnosed in 2015 and knew I had bronchiectasis at least 10 years before that. But I just recently found out that I have stage 2, moderate, copd. Seems that anca vasculitis is a gift that just keeps giving....

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Can only comment on the misery of breathing problems. I have GPA which did have a go at my lungs, and I have asthma now, but caused by reflux, caused by prednisolone, to add to the joy of chest & sinus infections. What has struck me is how breathing problems make other people very anxious, so I'm letting everyone else do the talking as much as possible.

I have anca Vasculitis and bronchiectasis caused by sinus and chest infections since being immune suppressed. I don’t smoke either. Yep Vasculitis keeps on giving if not the Vasculitis it’s the treatment. 😳

Hi, Yes, I was diagnosed with MPA which caused partial kidney failure in 2014. After a rituximab treatment combined with cortisone, I was really pleased to think that the disease was in remission. But then after a cough which I just couldn’t get rid of ( I’m a non smoker) I found out I had bronchiectasis last year. The doctors here in France are not sure if it’s the Vasculitis or its treatment which caused it but the fact is it’s there and won’t go away now. It was quite a blow because I thought I’d got on top of things of this damn illness. A physiotherapist has given me lots of exercises to do at home to help me expectorate and I have extra sesssions when things get worse . I try to avoid antibiotics when I can because they can be toxic for my kidneys. All I can say is keep fighting, be positive, be strong ( which is easier said than done, don’t I know it!)

All the best

Hi, I have pANCA positive GPA, diagnosed over 10 years ago but symptomatic a long time before that. My symptoms were always restricted to my sinuses, nose and throat (subglottic stenosis). A year ago a scan showed mild emphysema. I was shocked, I've never smoked, but no one else batted an eyelid.

"vasculitis is a gift that just keeps giving.... Someone said "inflammation will not stop regardless". I know one chap, who lost his leg. Based on his medical history he was discussing, it could well be V (but it may not be). This comment reminded me of this "fighter". He's now on oxygen bottles due to COPD/emphysema and incidentally, he was also found to have some heart condition at the same time. How true this comment is so untrue.

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