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HSP with kidney damage - bcs of cold, tonsilit

I am diagnosed hsp when I was 11 years old, and it attacked when I was 35, and 40. I have kidney problem, loss of protein since 2nd atackt. Now I am using hipertansion pills although my tansion is low, D vit, the doctor advise eat fish 3 times a week, no salt.

I can say the cause of illness for me, cold, tonsilit, taking tablet (majezik craxilex) stress. If you have any advice for it, i will be pleased to hear.

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Hi Sevada12. This is a site for GCA/PMR. Think you may have wrong site for your questions.


Me again Sevda 12 looks like I might be on wrong site for some reason!! Xx


:) I write everywhere so np.


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