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Persistent cough

Hi my husbands GPA is quiet at the moment , fairly newly diagnosed. He has received the usual treatment and is now on Aza 150 mgs. He has a dry cough not all the time and runny nose (clear ) he feels ok, eating normally and no temperature. Does not feel unduly tired.

Is this “normal” is there anything we can do to help elevate the cough ? Has GPA was in his lungs, reported clear at the moment.

Thank you

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Is your Husband taking Ramapril or similar as it can cause a dry cough?

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Hi Keyes no he is on 10mgs pred, omelrazole, Calci d, and alendronic acid.

Thanks for quick reply


Another suspect may be the omeprazole or alendronic acid. Both of these can be " belt and braces " prescriptions and automatically prescribed alongside prednisolone.

Had your husband had a DEXA ( bone density ) scan to check that he actually needs the Alendronic acid?

A dry cough can sometimes be reflux ( stomach acid that can irritate the lungs ).

Has he mentioned the cough to his Consultant?

Sorry, lots of questions!!


He has had a dexta scan which was ok. I did mention to the consultant could he now sop the alendronic acid but he said no , not at the moment. We are due to see him again in January so will push again. Thanks


If the DEXA scan is ok then the question I would be asking is there any evidence that Alendronic acid prevents oesteoporosis that isn't present!

It's high dose steroids that can strip the bones of calcium and potentially cause problems although men appear to be at less risk than women.

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Thank you will go with research info for next appointment

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hi I have Wegeners and had this cough several years now along with sinus problems, paid a visit to the ENT and immediately I was told to stop taking RAMAPRIL and was put on LASARTIN and have been much better not completely cough free. I do get reflux which is another cause so I take Lansoperole and Gaviscon. I also have rituximab infusions which some say that can cause a cough too. I think with this disease we are in a no win situation, good luck to your husband and hope he gets sorted and tell him to keep thinking positive.

Sandie x


Thanks sandieB for your rely, given me some more ideas. He is very positive it’s me that’s a bit more anxious


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