Change in taste.

Hi all me again lol! i was just wondering if anyone has experienced a change in their ability to taste things? I seem to have a constant metallic taste in my mouth and I can't taste food properly. Unless it's sweet, I can taste sugary things but not much else! I assume it's probably a side effect of one of the medications?

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  • Very common with pred and other meds unfortunately.

    I had to have chilli on everything at first to taste my food! It wears off as the medication doses are reduced.

  • Thanks! Horrible isn't it. I'm going to have a super hot curry tomorrow and see if that works lol

  • Good that it will wear off after reducing meds . Same meds for along time now though. Can't taste gin any more and my curries are getting hotter and hotter.

  • Well I suppose the upside is it no longer matters how bad my cooking is.. As I can't taste it anyway 😂😂😂

  • I've also had a change in taste (and smell) from around the time of having swollen parotid glands and sinusitis a few months ago and with continuing numbness around my face, head and nose. I've only just got a diagnosis for Sjogren's and am at this point only on topical treatments for sicca treatments, so with me it's clearly not the meds causing the symptoms.

    I don't have a constant metallic (or other) taste in my mouth but now can't stand the taste of wine, and Prosecco is now more like alka seltzer! I've also found that I'm not drawn to sugary foods, except fruit, and I'm using pure cocoa for hot chocolate with no added sugar. I'm sure it's much more healthy but psychologically I do miss an occasional glass of wine, however it rejects me every time I try it!

    I hope you enjoy your curry HFox!

  • I haven't noticed metallic taste but finding sweet things very sickly - keeps me off the cakes coffee and chocolate but does help with tummy problems ....but definitely very sensitive to smells

  • I've found too, that my sense of taste is coming back in line with the reduction of pred. I noticed yesterday that I can taste nuts again - Yipee! No more toast with mustard for breakfast but what do I do with a fridge full of chilli sauces?

  • I have significant impairment of my ability to taste things and its such a bummer lol. I have chronic oral thrush due to taking prednisolone and mycophenolate and nothing works to get rid of the thrush. Ive tried everything. At least I have memories of what things taste like lol... Sunday lunch for example mmm lol.

  • If live a Sunday lunch right now!

  • I've had no sense of smell.and limited taste sensation since it all kicked off in 2014. One of my major things was sinus related so put it all down to that.

  • Hello, My boyfriend lost his taste and smell, but he also lost his palate due to wegners. most likely he likes or dislike food by texture. hopefully one day he will recover it :(

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