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I'm getting too old for this

After raising money for VUK, walking the 31 mile Worcestershire Way back in 2013 (an event organised by Martyn Wells (Wellsie)) I thought it was far enough for anyone to walk in a day. It seems my daughter had other ideas and persuaded me to accompany her on the Wychavon Way – a 40 mile trek across the Worcestershire countryside from Droitwich to Broadway in the Cotswolds. Yesterday we both completed the walk, with other members of the family acting as the support group for water stops etc. It took 14 hours all in all and now I am nursing a few aches and pains but otherwise OK. However the good news is, through generous donations we have raised over £600 for VUK :-)

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Well done Chris, that's a fantastic achievement. We are just in the middle of a research grant round so I will make sure we spend the money wisely. 😀


Well done!!!


My goodness you did exceedingly well!!! Do you have a photo for the Autumn Newsletter please 😊😊 and for the VUK website 😊


My daughter took some photos. I'Lloyd send one in

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Amazing Chris Well done !! 👍


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