Dilemma over foot operation

I've a dilemma and wondered if any of you had similar experiences. I have Churg strauss which seems to be in remission. I'm off steroids now but have recently started taking low doses of hydrocortisone as the high doses of prednisolone seems to have affected my adrenal system.

The disease has left my feet quite deformed as my peripheral nerves were damaged. I had severe foot drop & could hardly walk for a year. I've tried all kinds of steep innersoles and special footwear which helps a bit but doesn't correct position of my feet. I have recently seen an orthopaedic surgeon who is suggesting operating on my feet to correct them. I'm getting lots of conflicting views about whether this is a good idea or not from different specialists, podiatrist etc. I'm probably going to get another opinion from a respected orthopaedic surgeon as I'm worried that not enough consideration has been given to how I heal with Vasculitis and a suppressed immune system - I'm still on aziathiprine.

To be honest I am v scared of being operated on in case it makes things worse. But I'm considering the risk to improve my quality of life - my feet hurt every night despite being on amitryptiline. The operation is to improve the arch in my feet. He will do one foot at a time and I will be six weeks in a plaster foot. Just wondered if anyone else has had any major operations of this kind with these health complications? Thanks cath

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  • It is essential the doctor carrying out the op on your feet and your doctor liaise and work together for your best interests and best outcome. Plus you should be part of the "team meeting". Then you can make a well informed decision.

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