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Churg Strauss skin rash?

I have had CSS for over three years now - all has been under control and the peripheral nerves have been regenerating, albeit painfully, in my legs, feet and hand. Every time I see my consultant, he asks me if I have any skin rashes, which I haven't had until now!

Just wondering what experiences other people have had with skin rashes - mine is red blotches and incredibly itchy on the vascilitis sites. My own take is perhaps having had a chronic cough and cold (very unusual) and a fair amount of 'stress', my poor old immune system can't take it! I've also been trying to lower my steroids from seven and a half to five mlgs and I also take azapriothine. In the interim I'm upping the steroids but would really like to know what the general consensus would be. The chances of contacting my consultant at Guys hospital in London are fairly remote and I think this site is wonderful- so very informative, thank you very much!


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I had GCA and found I had problems..........I was recommended to try Double Base Gell, which my GP prescribed me. I then bought it OTC and used it all the time.

Great Ormond street uses it for many skin complaints.

I dropped all other soap products, including shampoo except once a week I used Johnson's baby shampoo. I was also told just to shower no more than three times a week.

This is to stop you stripping the natural oils your body produces.

I found it worked for me and still use it, 11 years later.....even though my GCA went into remission into my sixth year.

Might be worth trying.


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