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Vasculitis UK "Vasculitis Symposium/Education Day" - Manchester March 4th

Vasculitis UK "Vasculitis Symposium/Education Day" - Manchester March 4th

Just wanted to say what an excellent weekend we had in Manchester. The day was not only informative but patients also shared their experiences.

The day was filmed and modules of the day will be available on line very soon. There will also be feedback in the Spring and Autumn Vasculitis UK newsletters.

It was a mix of professionals and patients speaking. Dr Peter Lanyon, Prof Caroline Savage, Dr Ben Parker, Dr Louise Oni, Prof Robert Moot, Dr Fiona Pearce, John Mills, Emily, Kira, Gareth Garner, Lynn Laidlaw, Shanali Perera, Claire Jackson (NRAS)

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Thank you v much to everyone who helped organise it - the programme was really interesting and varied. I enjoyed listening to both the clinicians and those that shared their experiences of living with Vasculitis - it was very brave of the young people to tell their stories.

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A very productive, educational and informative 1/2 days.

The speakers who we met were all very helpful and willing to offer guidance and advice where they could.

It's a shame to see professionals share their frustrations that there are so many anomalies in terms of geographic expertise, data recording/use and variations of process approaches by illness. The hard work being done by VUK and others and the progress being made was evident and is admirable.

The issue of breaking down the Cultural challenges of parts of the NHS seems daunting and it was re-assuring to see that there are professionals within who are pushing for change.


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