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Hello Everyone

Just to keep you posted. My boyfriend Robert had his last R infusion a month ago, his breathing have improved tremendously, he still have inflammation inside the mouth so his speech is not so clear some times..but showing progress. the only issue that is bothering him is that he feel extremely tired and sleeping a lot...i mean straight days and nights, I m hopping this will improved as well. Guys you do not know how helpful and supportive you have been true this process of so much expectation with new med and stuff. Thru you I have been able to give Robert some peace of mind.The same peace you have given me. for that I thank you all. will keep you posted. Gabriela

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Hi Gabriela glad to hear that Robert's health is improving I don't post very much but if I can give a little encouragement to someone with gpa I have taken almost a year to get back to full time work after barely being able to get out a chair and now I find with each passing week things are getting easier as I return to working life some days I'm a little tired but have more good days than bad I find the mental gratification of being able to provide for my family a big help instead of feeling hopeless I'm just trying to say things do get better it just takes some of us a bit longer all the best for the future.

Regards Russell

Thank you Russell!!! just yesterday Robert was having breathing problems he mention how concern he was and wondering if the medication was not working for him, i guess back on his head he is concern that due that he is ANCA Negative the MED is not for him. I reminded him that it has been only 4 weeks from the last infusion...your comments are very help full it give me straight to share with him. :)

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