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Vasculitis Talk at RD&E Exeter

Hi everyone, A quick reminder that the West Country group have arranged a vasculitis talk at the RD&E in Exeter by Consultant Rheumatologist Richard Haigh and Consultant Nephrologist Lucy Smyth on Thursday 9th February at 18.30 in the Lecture Theatre, Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre, RD&E, Exeter. This talk is open to anyone with vasculitis, not just those treated at the RD&E. If you'd like to come along please let me know your name and that of anyone coming with you as security requires I have a list of those attending! Many thanks Charlotte

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Hi Charlotte, I won't be able to attend this talk now, Mums been very poorly recently with two hospital admissions and chest infections so she doesn't want to be out in the night-time February air.




I'm sorry to hear that Paul please wish her well from me.


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