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As if Wegener's wasn't enough update


I got discharged on Christmas Eve late afternoon and subsequently enjoyed a long family Christmas at my daughter's. It was very special and warm seeing all of the family. After 3 nights of family care I am now home by myself and enjoying my own company in my own house. I am amazed at how weak I am, so taking things very slowly and carefully. I am feeling ok in myself... no more nauseated feelings. As I sometimes comment.... 'another step in the big adventure.'

The taxi driver who brought me from the hospital rather restored my faith in people, by insisting on carrying my bags to the door; a simple act which made me feel so grateful.

Thank you for all your comments and good wishes.

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Good to hear - and of course you are weak, they don't keep you in hospital for nothing at this time of year!


Hope each day your feeling better x

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IFU Yes I spent Christmas with our daughter , it was great . Now feeling tried voice you , suffer from GPA. Chemo starting on the 5 Jan. Hope all goes well with you. 🙂

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