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Hi all! I was diagnosed with Chrurg Straus in 2012, which has been controlled since by medication including Methotrexate. I have finally seen a specialist here in France who wants to run some tests as he has no evidence of the initial tests which led to diagnosis, fair enough. He then said that as I have been stable for 4 years and depending on the results of the tests he wants to reduce the medication with a view to getting me off it...hurrah!!! I had understood from the specialist at St Thomas's in London that Churg Strauss was for life and that i would therefore be on the meds indefinitely - any ideas anyone? is it possible just to have one bout and recover?? I would be so excited to be off the medication, it leaves me so weary and irritates my stomach so


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  • Hi Sarah, I don't really have an answer for you except to say that people I know with churg Strauss (I have gpa wegeners) are having their meds reduced here in the uk suggesting there may be new protocols? You're right that cuss, like gpa, can recur.

  • That's css!

  • Hi Sarah, Here in Canada the attitude seems to be to reduce but not to eliminate. I've been stable for 11 years. During that time, I have had my primary immune suppressant [Cellcept] reduced by 50% but not eliminated. Last time I saw my specialist [a nationally renowned expert], she said I might be able to reduce it. No talk of elimination though.

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