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Another 'Scam'?

Dear Everyone, (I think that covers all 'bases')

I had a phone call today, bear in mind that I haven't had this phone long, asking if I had had an 'accident'-I assume a Road Traffic One. When I 'NO', very firmly, the person Rang Off, equally quickly. Another 'Scam'? Maybe an Insurance Company? Very unlikely to be anyone, with my best interests at heart, if they did, then why 'Hang Up'? I just thought with all the 'Scams', already in existence, I would make 'everyone' aware of this. I have absolutely no idea what these 'people' hope to achieve, apart from attempting to rob, con and/or frighten us, that is. Please do be very AWARE of can I put this politely.......oh stuff 'Polite' these Bastards!

Sorry but I just felt that I ,had to, bring this to 'everyone's' attention.

Please be carful people.

Kindest regards and, since it's not TOO early, have a Merry Christmas.


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Sign up here - stops many calls

Either that or sting them along - I had a call "about the accident I had" I acted like I was crying and eventually did it was very bad-- give me time-- took a deep breath and then said I had a paper cut .. 😂 He said he couldn't help on this occasion & and not called back since lol


Yes nice one Nurselou, well done.


I get these calls at least once a month...some are persistent: but are you sure? Well of course I am, if I had an accident I should know it.

But they are convincing and what if you actually had an accident? They are after financial profit that's for sure....

Have a Merry Christmas too!


Dear AndrewT

In the big scheme of phone scams that's quite mild

The Company calling u has probably bought a list of phone no data they work especially likely if you have just got a new phone

Ainternet and social media scams are bad

The latest is a picture of a suffering person such as a cancer patient asking you to type amen ...this way they get your profile and details which they sell onto marketing Companies

If you check the profile of who is posting this you may be surprised to see the type of profile they have ..always check before you respond to these

Sadly we live in a cruel world which exploits kindness and naivety .

Best Wishes



I had a call asking about my recent accident. I went crazy down the phone saying OMG I'e had an accident, when? how?where? was I injured?. The young man said I,d obviously had a bang to the head most sarcastically and hung up!!!! Roared with laughter after x


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