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did anyone get an email for a HealthUnlocked survey? is it real or a scam? its ok see below

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I filled it in.


Thanks RichardE!

I can confirm that this isn't a scam

All the very best,


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"HealthUnlocked" <healthunlocked@email.healthunlocked.com>



Date: Apr 10 2013, 10:50 AM


Help form HealthUnlocked

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Dear sandra99b,

Chosen as one of our ‘super-users’ we’re asking you to fill out a few short questions about you and your experience in HealthUnlocked.

In the coming months HealthUnlocked is launching a completely new and improved version of the site. Finding information and help from others will be much easier and more rewarding for everyone.

With this in mind we are trying to find the words to express the huge variety of different people in HealthUnlocked and the many ways they use the site. We’re also hoping to make a very short video about HealthUnlocked featuring some of our users.

We may then give you a follow-up call to find out more.

Find the survey here!

Thanks for being such a support to others,

Best wishes,



Joel Patrick

Head of Engagement

HealthUnlocked (healthunlocked.com)

133 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 1PP, UK

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Hi Sandra.

I haven't received one of these emails. However having spent this afternoon at the HU offices in London I can assure you that they are indeed developing a new, improved version of the site and are actively canvassing users for their opinions. And Joel is a nice chap too :)

They have some exciting new ideas to take HU forwards so please be assured that this isn't a scam.

All the best,


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hamble99bVolunteer in reply to RichardE

how do you spell "phew!" phew!

I did and completed it???? about 4-5 personal questions

So did I. It was addressed to me by the name I use here, so I assumed it was OK.


I did too

Llinos Swansea xx

I also completed it, / was only a very short survey,and as they say every little helps!!

I also received it, but haven't filled it in yet.

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I completed it and gave them my contact number and have already had a calll but was at work. They are going to call again this evening. :-)

Thanks RichardE!

I can confirm that this isn't a scam :)

All the very best,


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hamble99bVolunteer in reply to Joel

sorry Joel, I just got a bit wary.

only partly filled it in, and didn't give contact no.

Yes I filled it in to, since it came through this forum, addressed to me. Perhaps I should have been more careful, but when DO you take something on trust??? Now that is an interesting one!

Hope the information is useful; thanks anyway.


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hamble99bVolunteer in reply to AndrewT

sorry Andrew, I've just edited my original message. it is ok.

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