MPA and pregnancy - your experience

I have been diagnosed with MPA 1.5 months back. I am from India, Female and 31 years old. Per my doctor, it's very early stage and my Kidney's functionality is perfectly fine so far. I have been given wysolone and Folitrax. We were planning for a second baby. But due to this we had to drop this plan.When the disease goes into remission, can we plan for that? Has anybody have the experience of becoming mother after being diagnosed with MPA.

I have started to go through the information available about the disease to get more knowledge on this. Thank you!

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  • Hi ,

    Have just looked up folitrax and realised that it's Methotrexate. I hope your Dr warned you that you can't get pregnant on Methotrexate and for a year after you are taking it ( I think ).

    There are 2 types of remission, drug induced and drug free. Most people are stable on medication. It might be worthwhile have a conversation with your Consultant about long term immunosupressants and pregnancy. Azathioprine is safe to take during pregnancy.

    I am sure some other people will be along with their experiences.

  • Thank you Keyes for your response. I have my doctor's appointment in next month. Would discuss detail.. Thank you again!

  • I have MPA and was 30 when diagnosed. I had lots of Chemo and tried to fall pregnant but nothing happens so I adopted. I've had Rituximab several times now and to cut a long story short I became pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. I was on Rituximab which I had the previous year so I was on no immune suppressants at the time of falling pregnant. The pregnancy did however give me a relapse so I had to have more chemo not long after. As said above Ayzathyroprine is the only drug which is known to be safe while pregnant so I would speak to your Consultant before you do anything. Good luck xx

  • Thank you Alpsy for sharing your experience!! Yes I will discuss with my doctors in details in next visit. If you don't mind, could I ask you how long have you been with MPA? Thanks again !!

  • I had had it for over 14 years now it's like my best friend and enemy rolled into 1! 😂😂 it's not impossible for you to have more children but it needs careful planning as stress does bring on an attack. Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing xxx

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