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Any help with cutaneous vasculitis ?

I am new here so gave no idea how to use this site but recently got a rash that won't go away . Painful burning and itchy . Diagnosed as cutaneous vasculitis . Taking only prednisone that not helping .. Tried creams plus, steroid creams don't make any difference . Really painfull, bright red on arms back and neck/chest I am 59 and have a mystery heart condition undiagnosed asangiogram is next week .. . Has anyone got any suggestions. . Other wise work 60-70 hours a week so just don't have time for this skin issue at all . My email is as I am not sure how to use this page yet ..

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Hi ,

Who made the diagnosis and did it include a biopsy to confirm it?

Are you seeing a Consultant with experience in diagnosing and managing Vasculitis? It may be that you need another immunosupressant to bring your symptoms under control, generally creams don't make a difference to systemic Vasculitis.

The best way to get advice on your personal situation is to phone or e mail the VUK helpline.

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If you are on an ACE drug, get a change to an ARB. For me Telmisratan worked well.


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