Renal ultrasound

Just had my results back.Entirely normal.very reassuring my neurologist words.Could this be the end of my investigations ???? To thinking I may have cerebal vasculities.Only down side is that it can be limited to just the brain.Not had a cerebal angiogram.So I am thinking if any more symptoms this may be the next test??

Still get numbness in feet and pins and needles in hands.No distortion or blindness in eyes.

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  • A renal ultrasound will not rule out any type of Vasculitis.

  • What test will rule out vasculities? ???

    Why did they investigate bladder and kidneys?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Why they investigated your bladder and kidneys is a question you will have to ask your neurologist, especially as they didn't order the correct investigation!

    Woolysox has given you great advice from their experience. The only thing I can add ( from my experience ) is that there is no point seeing a Consultant who doesn't have good experience in making a Vasculitis diagnosis. I know that quite a few people have suggested names of experienced Dr's to you. I would suggest that until you request a second opinion from one of them and have the tests necessary to rule out CNSV ( lumber puncture, cerebral angio and then brain biopsy if indicated ) you will be perpetually in limbo.

    You can ask questions on here forever but until you take the advice offered nothing will change.

  • You really need to have that lumbar puncture done as it will rule out (or confirm), among other things MS, which can mimic CNSV very closely. I think that quite a few of us here were initially misdiagnosed with this. My next test after the lumbar puncture was the cerebral angiogram which showed up beading in my brain which had caused the TIAs and strokes and subsequent lesions. It is really important that you waste no time in getting these tests done as, if it is Cerebral vasculitis, you need to get the correct meds asap before more damage is done.

  • Thank you for your advice.It's been my best one.well wishes to you also,sounds like you have been through it and know your stuff ☺

  • Thanks for your well wishes Jan, but please don't dismiss Keyes' advice - she knows what she is talking about. If I have read between the lines correctly, she used to be a GP before the blooming Vasculitis got her, so she has experience of both sides of the coin.

  • I was an ITU nurse but appreciate the compliment Woolysox. 😀

  • Ooh, sorry Keyes - did get mixed up then :( blame it on the brain damage lol

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