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A shot in the dark

70 year old male with Wegener's.

This may have nothing to do with anything, but .... About 4 months ago we bought a mattress topper. It is made by Dorma and cost about £150.00. The smell from it when unwrapped was atrocious, but we aired it for 24 hours as per instructions. Once fitted I noticed a vast improvement in my sleep. I mentioned it to my brother purely out of interest. He lives in N. Ireland and I am in Yorkshire. He subsequently bought the same topper and mentioned the same smell etc. Fast forward to present day. I was talking to him last night and he told me that they had decided to take the topper off, and he asked me an unusual question.

He asked if either I (or my wife) suffered from a dry mouth. Now I have had a dry mouth for quite a few years now due to medication but on asking the better half she said that she noticed her mouth was dry if she woke up during the night and she had to take a drink. My brother then said that both he and his wife suffered from a dry mouth and slight feeling of being bunged up every morning and it seemed to be only since they had bought the topper. I told my wife this and she agreed that the dry mouth was something new to her, and with hindsight it only happened since we had bought the topper. She also feels that her sinuses are blocked every morning, (she is normally a healthy girl). The sinus feeling resolves itself very quickly on rising.

So with all this info I decided to do a little googling. There are a lot of 'complaints' on this very subject. I have removed the topper now and we will see what happens over the next week or so.

So have any of you had the same complaints? I realise it may be purely coincidental, but well worth mentioning anyhow.

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I have heard of breathing problems with the memory type ones. I have a vi-spring one which is great but expensive!


I think it's good to 'throw' these things out there because sometimes things creep up on us and we don't make any connections. It'll be interesting to see the responses as I've thought about buying a topper but I think I'll leave it a bit.


I have invested in a allergy mattress protector along with a sheet and zipped pillow cases.I must admit waking up this morning and sleeping through the night,with window open I slept right through.I have a dust mite allergy.So hence why I sort in buying allergy bedding,just hope it keeps going.I am also looking into buying a air purifier as I did suffer wth dry mouth and feeling thirsty.


Now this is interesting, John who has WG was having trouble with his joints and was suffering at night so we bought a topper, as recommended by others.

We have had the topper for about three years. Now I started with a dry moth symptoms almost at the same time. Will investigate further.



Thank you all for your comments. My wife has said that her dry mouth has disappeared over the last two nights since we took it off.

I will report back in about a week to update you.


I bought a memory foam mattress topper from IDEAL WORLD. they are on the free sat boxes, that you get with your tvs. any way I bought mine well over 10yrs ago, I have a cover to it also 100% cotton it does state on the topper to wash the zipped cover for it before use, this I have done so, & since the day I have put it on my bed to be precise my son said I have had mine now for 16yrs, & honestly I always get a better nights sleep, since I purchased this, than I have ever done before. I will say I am now using a single bed, I bought two mattress toppers 16yrs ago, and now I have been using the single 1 since 2003, & since I have had both of mine, I have never looked back. I did not suffer from a dry mouth, I have had no problems from either 1 of my mattress toppers since the day I bought them, as long as you always remember when you buy them before use you always have to wash the memory foam cover 100% cotton when you have dried it all you need do is put it onto your memory foam mattress, & you will never suffer a bad nights sleep again. my parents are happy with theres to, & by the way these mattress toppers don't have a funny smell to them. I paid for the double 1 approx. 16yrs ago £35.00, & for the single 1 I paid £15.00. so I do hope you all find some success, you do need a freesat bax to be able to get Ideal world onto your T.Vs. not free views im afraid. Sharon


We bought a memory foam mattress a couple of years before I started to get ill. I had flu like symptoms, cough, aches, temperature, breathing probs, then diagnosed with sjorgrens & lupus which later became wegeners. Found out that chemicals have been linked to auto immune conditions and then googled & found that memory foam in particular is linked although proof is not definitive. What I can say is what I researched made us throw out & replace our mattress with a spring one with far less chemicals & my breathing difficulties improved dramatically.

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