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How many of you have someone? To help?to make my do your not able to do these things. Can't find a thorough cleaner. Social services say they can't help me with this but only offer meals on wheels!R u for real????? Iv searched charities. Internet for support for disabled ppl but can't find anyone out there. Most ppl have partner but mine went off with another well lady!nice! So all alone in centre of London! How bizarre!

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I have a cleaning lady who also makes my bed. She charges eight pounds sterling an hour. She is not brilliant but it all helps. There seem to be people around where I live who are generally available to help out.


You should be able to get help with personal care if you can't do this yourself? We had my Mum assessed before leaving hospital by the occupational therapist, she liaised with the local authority and care is provided at home as required.

I pay my Mums carer some extra wages to do cleaning and housework as this is not covered.

Start the ball rolling but talking to your GP about getting assessed.


Hi asilanna, you should be fully assessed by your GP, physio, OT and social care and they should be able to put a full care package in place. My mum has carers in twice daily to assist her with bathing, dressing and undressing and I do all the domestic duties for her and my dad but it has been offered by her care manager at each review. Hope this helps.


Hi, my friend was very ill and age uk helped organise care. Also ask citizens advice what you can do. This is if gp doesn't point you in the right direction. Take care.


If you have a look at this link it tells you what should be available, how to access it and what financial assistance is available. I hope it helps, you just move your cursor over the title bar to see each category.

Best wishes.

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Dear alisanna,

You SHOULD be entitled to have someone to look after you-this IS, after all what Personal Support is all about. That said-good luck, with that one! 'They' now like to give you a grant, PIP-Personal Independent Payment- the criteria are always changing however. Your first approach has to be Social Services maybe via a Social Worker, or other 'Professional'- if you have one. As I should good luck, you will need it!

Sorry to be rather pessimistic but 'things' aren't easy, right now.

I wish you good luck and, really do, send my very best wishes.



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