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Advice please

Hi folks newbie here. I was diagnosed with RA about 10 years ago its not too severe, I get joint pain but it is manageable. Also diagnosed back in Jan with capiliritis as I kept getting horrible leg rashes, but now its so painful the doc reckons it could be vasculitis, I am getting blood tests done tomorrow and have been reffered to the hospital for checks. I have been given compression socks but they seemed to make my legs worse from the knee up. Would full length stocking be better? I have one on my left leg (most painful) at the moment and I feel some releif, but I dont know if I might cause more damage or not. Im feeling quiet overwhelmed after reading up on vasculitis...;-(

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can you discuss this with your doctor or specialist nurse, it can be difficult with compression socks as they do not suit everyone. John saw a specialist nurse and had to have his legs measured when he had to wear compression socks for a while. He really struggled with them


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Thanks. yes i will discuss it with my doc, I was measured for the socks but not for stockings.. many thanks for your reply


Have you had your ankle pressures checked before wearing the socks? It isn't quite a simple as some doctors seem to think and there are problems where compression socks are totally contraindicated because they compress too much and impair blood flow and I would think that might be the case in a vasculitis where the diameter of the blood vessels is reduced, reducing blood flow anyway.

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Thanks PMRpro for your reply.

No I have never had my ankle pressure done they just measured my legs, ankle, calf etc. I have had some bloods done today so when i see my doctor again I shall mention this. I must say though, I did find some releif wearing a full stocking but this was not prescribed to me so I will ask about this too.

Many thanks


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