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Hip hop

I had a double hip replacement a couple of years ago,unfortunately the first replacement op didn't go according to plan,sometime during the op my artery was damaged,and I lost a lot of blood,the doc said I lost about 4 litres,half my body weight,so I ended up in intensive care,now after this it was a comedy of errors,I ended up with an anurism first then after that they operated to repair was was left of my right hip,but after that I got an infection in my right hip,but the antibiotics they gave me had a bad reaction,then I got the hospital bug c did infection,when they sorted that out I had kidney failure,once they had rehidrated me I got a stomach virus,now the end result of all this is that my muscles and nerve ends of my right hip are severely damaged,which in effect means I have one leg longer than the other,now charing cross hospital do a shoe raise dept,I went there to be measured up,but what happened in the end is that they did the wrong shoe,so I wondered if anybody has an idea where I could get a shoe raise apart from hospital,it costs me around £60 to get to charing cross and back,because of other health issues I can't use buses or trains so I have to get a taxi,hospital transport has been cut so much that they can't provide it for me,I went to a shoe repairer but they don't do a shoe raise,so my only option at the no is to go to charing cross,which I can't really afford,so if anybody has any ideas as to where I might get it done I'd really appreciate it

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Hi ellie-smith-1948, what a run of bad luck you've had. "Comedy of errors" indeed, it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Anyway, I can't answer your question but I wondered if you've tried to 'Google' shoe lifts or raised shoes to see if there is any shops online you could order from?

Personally, I think the hospital should correct their mistake. It seems a bit unfair that you got the wrong shoes too. How does that even happen?

Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks I'll try that

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Dear Ellie,

I'm glad that you can see a 'funny side', to all this! Now I have a good humour, as many will verify, but-and I can't think of a way of not being 'crude' here-F..k me you have been badly treated babe!!!

Please do take this further, no really-talk about if it can go wrong it will.

Please do let us know Ellie.

Kind regards AndrewT


How about a chat with PALS and see what they could come up with. Being it was the hospitals fault all round do think they should offer some kind of help.

All credit to you for being so up beat about it xxx


Thanks for your concern,I have all ready gone down the pals route as well as a no win no claim with a solicitor,the hospital say that its a rare but recoronised complication and in fact it is,now I've heard now that when there's a replacement hip operation they have a vascular surgeon there in case of a similar problem happening,the original hip replacement I had,there happen to be a vascular surgeon available to patch me up,so if you know anybody who's having a replacement hip op,ask them to make sure there's a vascular surgeon there,if not they should insist that one is present,I was thinking of writing a book called the hospital curiosity shop,weird and wonder full stories of the NHS,I was in nwp hospital a few years ago and there was this patient who they operated on,on the wrong side of his body,why because a doctor put the xray round the wrong way,that is true,the person who it happened to was not a happy buny,can u blame him I had an operation to put a metal procethis on my shoulder cos mine was fractured and I got M r s a the other hospital bug and had to have it removed at that time nwp hospital was full of patients who had the bug,now they test you before you have an op,something I guess anyway thanks for your reply much appreciated,if you Dana know about hospital bugs I'm the one,take care

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Did you say have a chat?.I don't have an I phone and my device won't download the app either,I got a say I'm not to good with computer speak,so if you did email me,and we can talk if you want or I'll give you my mobile no


Sorry If I've miss read the last text,apart from my other issues I have a rare eye condition called 4th nerve palsy,whichblurs my eyesight and I'm short sighted as well,unfortunately there's no cure for this


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