Just heard today I have lost the mobility part of PIPs. I am unable to go out on my own due to breathlessness and exhaustion, because I have blind spots in the lower parts of my eyes I don't see kerbs, steps and slopes , I am not able to drive. I am unable to walk to the nearest bus stop, so can someone please tell me how I get to the hospital or Drs, or maybe I can save the country more money by not bothering. I mistakingly thought by paying national insurance and taxes all my life it would give me security if I ever becams ill.

Feeling very fed up and stressed. Wish I hadn't worked so hard all my life and had spent more time enjoying life

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  • There is an appeal process which you can persue, go for it

  • As Nadine says, Appeal! And use the Benefits and Work site or CAB to help you in the appeal. It seems that the assessors are invited by Ian Duncan Smith and his minions to fail most claimants on PIP. Appeals, though lengthy, generally win through in the end. You do have a limited time to appeal though, so get started as soon a possible. Susan Mills can advise also.

  • I can only agree... Appeal appeal appeal... The process is currently unfairly skewed against the claimant and from what you say you are clearly entitled to the mobility component of PIP. If you cannot walk safely or without an unreasonable amount of pain for 20 metres (aided or unaided - sticks crutches etc) you receive the points sufficient for a successful claim, on that one question alone. Hopefully things will change (depending on who ends up forming the government after 7th May) but in the meantime the vast majority of appeals are found in favour of the claimant. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your replies, don't think I have the strength to fight this, so will shut up &go away and stop being a nuisance.

  • You can appeal - can we help at all to help you appeal


  • Give me a few days to get over the upset I also had a bad day at the hospital so I need thinking space, but do feel as though I am being a nuisance.

  • You're not being a nuisance, you're just some poor sod who needs to use the system for exactly what it was created for!

    A bad day at the hospital may actually help you. Ask your doctor to write a letter explaining your condition and limitations and send a copy of this with your appeal. We understand Vasculitis because we're dealing with it, but the average office pencil pusher hasn't got a clue. Something from your doctor could help to change that and get you back on the correct benefits.

    P.S. If they keep messing you about, start being a real nuisance and get them to actually do their jobs ;)

    Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  • Please don t shut up and go away, you are not a nuisance, these forms are very very stressful, I hope you join this benefits and works website and get someone to help you throu the appeal process, it is very hard when you are ill, I wish you all the very best

  • Val. DO. NOT. GIVE UP! If you do you're not only doing yourself a disservice but you're doing the rest of us a disservice too. It makes me SO angry that you're being treated like this and the way it's making you feel. It's bl**dy unfair. You have to fight Val; because if you don't, we're all lost.

    It's your RIGHT to get the help you need and to be treated fairly. DO. NOT. LET. THEM. WIN!

  • Thanks for the KICK it worked !!!!

  • You simply MUST appeal. Benefits and Work have some great guidance. Worth signing up if you can just for that. You may be lucky with CAB although the current 'government' have cut their funding significantly over the last few years specifically to make life harder for benefits claimants (and you can go whistle for Legal Aid).

    You mentioned Iain Duncan Smith. He certainly seems to take great pleasure from other people's suffering.

    There's an election on May 7th (you may have heard?) Let's make sure he's out of a job on May 8th!!

    Good luck!

  • There is also a charity Fightback on Facebook which help with appeals, letters and advocacy. They have useful info on site to. Do nt give up!!!

  • There is also a very good and supportive (and FREE) web forum that might help : Dwpexamination.org

    All the members have been through this pain in one way or another and have vast experience collectively.

  • Jann on here sent me the benefits info and it has appeal details on it.

    We're away at the moment but can forward it on our return next week if Jann doesn't see this. Once you have your decision you only get a few weeks to appeal. Please find the strength. All the best

  • Please appeal the decision . The DWP and ATOS are a waste . I can't use the words I'd like to use to describe them . Go to your nearest Citizen Advice Bureau they will help you with the appeal . Good luck and don't let this pathetic set back stop you from claiming what you're entitled to .

  • When you are feeling better get an appointment with CAB. We all know how difficult it is to fight when you feel ill, CAB will do it all for you, but don't leave it too late as your right to appeal will lapse.

    Whatever you do you must ring DWP now and tell them you are appealing the decision, this will ensure that they can't make a final decision until they receive your appeal. This buys you a little more time.

    1. ring DWP today

    2. ring CAB and make an appt asap

    Don't give up deal with it on days you feel a little better. Best wishes

  • Dear Valwood,

    First of all let me assure you that you ARE a nuisance, in fact a complete pain....BUT only to those who seek to withdraw your benefits! A friend of mine, some years ago now, was so much of a 'nuisance' that he took it to the High Court. Funnily enough the Judge agreed, with him!

    No please do appeal Val-take up Susan's offer, of help, please, please do. I had to appeal myself, so I know what it's like. Just a thought but do you attend any 'Support groups'? I only ask because Headway Essex ('Brain Injury Care and Support'), very much, helped me. The manager Andrew came, with me, to the interview-along with my mother and, fairly obviously, myself. The 'upshot' was that I was placed on the 'Support group'-a position that has not changed for some years now.

    In short Val: yes you are a pain/nuisance-good on you, keep up the good work! Yes you should appeal, please allow Susan to help you. Finally- No DON'T give up, that is precisely what 'they' want you to do. (Just think how much money 'they' can save, if everyone 'gave up'!) Incidentally what ever made you think that all the money, you paid, as National Insurance Contributions gave you the right to claim 'anything' back?

    Hope all goes well for you Val.

    Beat wishes AndrewT

  • Many thanks for all your replies and support, it is so reassuring knowing you are all there. I have sat down and read all the information again. I have phoned up today to ask them to reconsider their descision I have to follow up with a letter stating why I think they need to reconsider and if I'm still not happy with the outcome I then need to appeal-oh for a quiet life. To think I will have to go through all this again in 2 years. Hats off to all of you who have already been through this you have my deepest respect.

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