Hi, I seem to have an intermittent hoarse voice since I was diagnosed with WG. I don't have a sore throat apart from when I have to swallow constantly or try to clear what seems to be mucus out of my throat but there is nothing to cough up if I try to.

I am starting mycophenalate on Friday and currently on 10 mg of prednisolone.

Does anyone else with WG have these symptoms and if so, is there anything to minimise the problem?


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  • I am in the process of having/waiting for tests for WG, one of my symptoms is a hoarse voice.

  • one of my first W.G./G.P.A. symptoms was a hoarse voice.

    have you had it investigated by an E.N.T. ?

  • I will mention it to my consultants next time I see them as it seems to be getting worse.#


  • hi i have churg strauss and also struggle with similar symptoms. i use an inhaler for asthma and have already thought that aggravated it. im on 10mg prednisolone at the moment and as this reduces the ptoblem gets worse

  • When I was first diagnosed with GPA, 5 years ago now, I had a very hoarse voice and dry, tickly throat so was referred for Speech & Language Therapy on the NHS. The SLT gave me exercises to strengthen my voice and also gave me advice on how to "save " my voice. I saw her infrequently for approx a year and again later, for 6 months, when I had a flare.

    Referral for SLT was via the local ENT consultant.

    I used to sip water frequently & had a prescribed saliva spray for a while. I also sucked Smintz ( a tiny sugar free "sweet" available in chemists & some supermarkets) when out and about & as necessary. They were recommended by my dentist. Chewing sugar free gum was also useful at times.

    The symptoms gradually got better & I now have no difficulty at all with my voice.

  • If you are worried you should mention it to your doctor treating your condition. I have a hoarse voice too (and the same diagnosis) and most of my problems have been ENT related. I have been reassured that there is no live activity causing my hoarse voice but I do have scarring and some residual damage from when my WG was at it's worst. You will only get the reassurance you need from your doctor.

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