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New Vasculitis Awareness and Vasculitis UK Christmas Card 2014

Patricia has been very busy today for the Vasculitis UK Website shop Lucy, the shop co-ordinator is ready for your orders. VUK have 2 new Christmas cards for Vasculitis awareness for 2014. The winning entry of the VUK Christmas Card competition and a photo donated by a doctor who has special interest in Vasculitis Follow the link to place your orders

Pack of 5 cards (one design) = £2.00 + p&p £1.17 2nd class or £1.24 1st class

Pack of 10 (5 of each design) = £3.50 + p&p £1.48 2nd class or £1.65 1st class

4 Replies

Will I be able to buy cards at the Cambridge meeting?


alybill yes if you let me know what you would like, I will bring them with me.

Susan :-)


A 5pack of Christmas trees please, many thanks


ok :-)