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Vasculitis UK Spring Newsletter 2019

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The Spring newsletter will be dropping on door mats this week.

If you wish to continue receiving the hard copy VUK newsletter it is ESSENTIAL you complete the enclosed form and return it to us if you still want to continue receiving the hard copy newsletter. This is because of the new rules and regulations regarding holding peoples personal information. (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now came into effect we now have to have your written permission to do so.)

The pdf version is always available a few days after the hard copy has been published, on the website for those who do not wish to receive the hard copy version.

If you do receive the hard copy version please do share it with your GP, Consultant, specialist nurse etc. We always leave a copy in the waiting room at our local hospital. 😊

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I love the nwsletter and always leave my copy in the rheumatology clinic at the QMC.

Dear Susan,

Didn't I just Get this, in an Email, Susan? I certainly Printed Something, from NKF. Is this Newsletter different, if so can this be Emailed also? Sorry for all the Questions.

Love to you and John...and you Grandchildren, how old are they now?


E-mail version is fine by me. Do you send one to Stella at Addenbrookes, she's the Specialist Nurse in the Vas Clinic; if you don't l'll send her my copy, if that's o.k.


Susan, can you send me 5 hard copies of the newsletter which I will distribute in the Royal Free Hospital and my GP's surgery, also as a reminder, I still need that Teeshirt for next month.


It is on order but we have had Easter in between 😊

Just to say I have not received my paper copy. I didn't get the last one either...and phoned to discuss this. Hope I receive it soon? Yours "Pollie"

Suzym2uModerator in reply to Pollie

I have no idea why you have not received your hard copies of the newsletter but if you write to John at he maybe able to help.

Thanks Suzym...I have contacted john Mills and he sent me the mag. Sorry this is so late...I've just got back from holiday!...yours pollie

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