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Living Well with Vasculitis - Portsmouth Hospital. The first Portsmouth Vasculitis Support Group meeting. July 19th 2014

The Department of Rheumatology would like to invite you to ‘Living Well with Vasculitis’

In connection with Vasculitis UK the Portsmouth Rheumatology team would like to announce a meeting to discuss the introduction of a support group for patients with Vasculitis, (including GCA/Temporal Arteritis, Wegener's Granulomatosis(GPA), Churg Strauss(EGPA), Takayasu’s Arteritis)

Speakers :- Sister Paula White, Rheumatology Nurse Specialist and John Mills, Chairman of Vasculitis UK

Dr Fox, Rheumatology Registrar and Sister Julie Ingall, Rheumatology Senior Sister will lead a question and answer session.

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