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I was in hospital 2 years ago with severe urticaria, since suffered plantar, painful joints, muscles, itch & pain in feet, diagnosis needed

So after very severe and extremely painful urticaria I have suffered with itchy feet ever since and for 6/7 months between then and now suffered plantar fasciitis. my joints are painful some much more than others I have achy muscles even when I have just woken up, my feet in places are sore if pressure is applied if I maybe have them resting on a foot stool, suffer extreme fatigue although that is mostly on waking and at the end of the day can be not too bad once I get going, but i do take tramadol for back pain which tends to make me a bit hyper, also suffer with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis has been ruled out one gp talked about fibro myalgia but another said no so gave up going back not too sure how to get to the bottom of how I feel.

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