Any tips for making the rash fade more quickly?

I have either HSP or leucocytoclastic vasculitis (my skin biopsy was inconclusive). All else is fine with medication, and while the rash is much reduced (basically strangers have stopped looking at me funny, which is a relief), I do still get a pin prick rash especially on my legs, and similar marks if I have any scratches etc. It normally takes about a week to ten days to fade and it's mostly cosmetic but sometimes quite sensitive to touch. I realise it's a small problem in comparison with the much more severe symptoms many others on this forum are struggling with; however I do wonder if anyone has tips for making the rash go away more quickly?

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  • im afraid not just have to wait its course

  • This sounds very similar to the rash I get, mainly on my legs but occasionally it will occur on my torso too. What medication were you put on that has helped reduce the appearance of the rash? I have been on hydroxychloroquine for over two years but it does not seem to of made a significant difference.

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