Does anyone else have psoriasis? If yes, how has it been since treatment began and how do you control it?

My own disappeared with the high steroids, but as I have tapered my prednisolone (now on 20mg) patches have come back. I have been using dovabet but it seems more stubborn than before. Also I have been getting raised spots, itchy spots (like insect bites) which have been bothering me at night. They look like mozzy bites, they are predominantly on my legs and buttocks. (I haven't got bed bugs!!). I am so fed up, wish I could zip this body off and get inside a new one.

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  • Hi Bob. I have psoriasis and it was great whilst I was on Pred. I have been off all medication for nearly 10 yrs and each year I get a flare up. This year has been particularly bad and i too am using Dovabet, but it's not working well either. We need holidays to sunny hot places paid for by the NHS to offset the course of treatment!!!!! I can dream x

    Cant help with the spots tho:(

  • Yes! Sunshine would be lovely! I took piriton which stopped the itching for the spots...just another thing to moan about

    Thank you :-)

  • Hi Bob, I too have psoriasis and to be honest the silver lining to my W.G is that since treatment began my skin has been completely clear of plaques. I'm still on 10mg of pred but am on Methotrexate as well and I know this is used for the treatment of psoriasis as I was offered it many years ago but turned it down due to the possible side effects - not an issue now! but clear skin and no itching has helped to see some positives in my changed life

  • Thanks Spudgun, My psoriasis has always been a problem so I have been enjoying not having to worry about it...the ointments are so messy. I have an open appointment with the dermatologist, I might give them a ring if it gets any worse. I'm glad you've had coincidental success with yours. The smallest of things make a big difference these days, huh? Cheers!!

  • Dear FatFaceBob,

    I don't have psoriasis but a, very dear, friend of mine does she doesn't have vasculitis exactly but...... She does have 'stress related' psoriasis along with, other possible, 'autoimmune' type conditions- actually her case is, in some ways, more confusing than mine! I won't go into her problems specifically- suffice to say she was/is under a great deal of pressure, poor baby.

    Yes creams are messy, as you so rightly point out, but, like a great deal, of the 'things' I/we have to go through; if it helps??

    I sincerely hope that your condition does improve.

    Vey best wishes


  • Thank you AndrewT, I have had psoriasis all my life and have been enjoying the improvement with the steroids. It's just one of those irritating things that actually, if I way things up, is unimportant when I have my health. I hope your friend improves. Good luck to you both and best wishes. :-)

  • Dear FatFaceBob,

    Thank you, I'll tell her, and yes you are definitely right- it doesn't really 'matter a er, erm, erm fig(fig???), in the overall scheme of things. Hope that your condition improves, none the less.

    Kind wishes AndrewT

  • My son has widespread and severe psoriasis - first as guttate at three years old. Then developed to plaque - facial and scalp and numerous plaques where the guttate was as it were. He developed vasculitis at 19 and during the five weeks of enforced rest with elevated legs - no college or looking after others etc ( he's a busy lad! ) his psoriasis pretty much disappeared by the time he returned to normal life. He had no other treatment during his 'rest' - he still wonders about it - as very quickly after recovering from the vasculitis flare and returning to normal it returned and four years down the line is as bad as ever. He's tried a few ointments etc but as his is so widespread it would take hours to put on so he doesn't bother. I am concerned as I understand recent research has revealed psoriasis is far more serious than an ugly skin condition. Internal damage risk is very real and cardio vascular damage risk and chances of event rockets with psoriasis and the young severely affected it is by silly percent!!! He won't take the harsh immune suppressant yet due to concerns about side effects. One of my other sons is also severely affected tho not as bad as thief younger one and has had some courses of steroids which helped control it somewhat . I have psoriasis which is slowly worsening and other suspicious symptoms implying auto immune issues possibly involving vasculitis of some kind. No steroids for me either as yet. My maternal grandad had it and my mum of 77 years is just developing it in recent months. This thread is very interesting.

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