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Returning to work update/ hair loss

It's been a long year and I've go back to swimming 2 a week so am hopeful of shedding the 4stones I put on.

I had my health assessments with capita. The Dr was actually really nice....she at first suggested half days and nos saying no more than 4 hours every other day desk based for at least 4week.

So all.going well I should be work within the month!

I feel like I've lost some of my brain cells not having it stimulated enough....and although I'd like to go back looking like how I did before, (slim) and with a lit more stamina I feel work can help with that routine.

I'm.working on the nhs plan too...only lost a lb in 3 weeks!! So upset. But just got to work harder.

On a brighter note-my hair has started to grow again.....I can definitely tell as there's little strands at the bottom and the front scalp of my head. So beryllium pleased....its still about 20% of my hair but a lot better than the 10% of what was before.

It's also grown a lot curlier than before. My curls are smaller now than before. Which I.quite like actually.

Thanks to everyone..

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Good luck with it's very daunting going back to work after you've been off sick. Don't be too hard on yourself, most people probably won't notice the little changes in your appearance! I've just been referred to occupational health, I guess I might be getting some elastic waste bands when I go back to work as there's no way my size 12's will go over my head or bum! Lol :) Take care!


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