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another hospital visit but no further forward

visit to the chest clinic today, usual time going though health issues and medication that I am on followed by the examination, I am able to recite all my meds off by heart which is quite scary!!

He decided to take more bloods, why they just can't share the results I don't know.

we talked through the cough, stuffy nose, eye problems skin issues and blood pressure.

The CT scan shows some lymph nodes in my chest are enlarged but there is lung damage which was good news.

He did say that he thought the vasculitis in the eyes was probably caused by Sarcoidosis but didn't commit to a definite diagnosis, why they can never just say is so frustrating.

I meet with my employers HR dept tomorrow to discuss any help I might need when I return to work but not really sue as I have no idea what everything means.

I am now trying to get the hospital to send a letter for the high blood pressue pills I am to my GP as they are not happy writing me a script without the treatment plan from the consultant no luck yet though!!!

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Just had a phone call from the renal dept (it was the registrar who saw me on 27-12) apparentaly he needs to change my pills and I need to have an MRI scan as thee appears to be narrowing of the blood vessels to the kidneys so back again on Wednesday!!!!!


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