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Returning to work assessment

I received a letter asking me to go to an organization which deals with the company health stuff (I remember filling out a form.from.them when I first joined)on Wednesday and am seeing my consultant on Monday.

My employer wants me to go for an assessment - it said a report will than be sent to m my manager. It's supposed to be so 'reasonable adjustments can be made for when I return to work. However I thought it was by an occupational therapst from within the company. Now I feel anxious - as vasculitis causes hidden problems. Howw will this person understand my needs from.a.physical.examination...and what kind?

It did say to take all.letters from.consultant and GP but it's crazy...I'm ready to return road work mentally and emotionally. I'd like to be more healthy with more stamina but since the cold kicked in I can't seem to shake a cough or runny nose off and I hurt myself and my knee Got cut which has taken 7 weeks to clot and heal skin up?!!!

I had started swimming again which made me feel better.

I was thinking of asking my GP and consultant to write something although I'm not sure how to say it to them without making me look as if I'm asking too much from work to adjust.

I am worker by profession so having to work long hours on computersaand seeing children (winter) is is the stress.

I did.speak to my manager about changing services to fostering or unaccompanied minors as I currently work frontline in child protection and she said raise that in my meeting- but did support the idea. NOT yet joined with a union either.

I was diagnosed with GPA VASCulitis Feb 2013 and was in hospital for 2.months. been off work coming to a year now.

Anxious about the health assessment..

What/how do.I ask my gp and consultant what I'd like?

Will I be actually having another meeting with my occupational therapist from work after this report is done? be worth joining a union and asking them to come for the meeting if one is to be held?

Thanks a lot guys!!


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I've been where you are including the change of role. My GP wasn't involved as she didn't have experience in vasculitis. I had my round table armed with a letter from my consiltant explaining the condition, treatment and possible impacts.

I ensured the company dr was involved as he liaised with the hospital. This helped me in educating my immediate business area with company support. I also was told to speak to the local benefits dept as they have a specific member of staff who will help, even to the point of coming into the return to work meeting. I did not use the union but this is the sort of thing they are there for. Reasonable adjustment is the there not just to help you back to work but also to consider a role change. I train managers on how to reintegrate long term sick staff back into the business so if I can be of any belp please let me know. Check out where you stand under the DDA.

Good luck


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Always join a union, always make sure you have a rep with you/on the case and insist that you have medical support and/or examinations by a person who is familiar with your particular health issue - for obvious reasons.

Sarah is also right about knowing your rights about disability discrimination law. I can't imagine that GPA isn't covered - giant cell arteritis is.


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