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I am waiting for chest and renal appointments at the moment BP is settling slowly down to 157 over 95 the Gp has signed me off for two weeks

I haven't actually seen my GP he did the sick note over the phone, should my GP be checking my blood pressure as well? I don't have an appointment with the renal dept yet and just go to the eye hospital fortnightly to have my bloods done, they were the ones that found my BP up at 189 over 124 last Friday

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Have you been prescribed any medication to take to help with the BP ?

If not, it may be that they will not want to do much until the specialists have seen you and they have a better idea of what's going on and what treatment will be most appropriate for you. The trick is often getting the balance right to treat all sorts of different problems without any one symptom becoming too severe.

But if you're concerned then you could alway book an appointment with your GP in the mean time and get them to check your BP and answer any questions you might have about the forthcoming chest and renal appointments.



yes I am on meds for my Bp 3 different tablets as one didn't bring it down. I am booking an appointment with my GP next week to update him on what's happening etc as they don't atomatically get blood reslts etc as these are all done in Sunderland and I live in Consett


Sounds like a good idea. A good GP can be useful in pulling everything together and keeping tabs on test results, appointments etc. Let us know how you get on.


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